A mystical



One Characteristic Terroir

Nestled in the Himalayas, at the foot of Meili Mountain, Ao Yun is a hidden paradise. The thick wandering clouds that surround its vineyards incarnate the unique and mystical valley. Ao Yun translates to 'roaming above the clouds'.

Two Distinctive River Banks

With two villages on either bank of the Mekong at varying altitudes, Ao Yun’s 27.7 hectares of vineyards enjoy varied soil types, sun exposure and microclimates. When blended, the wealth of character afforded by these unique terroir attributes enrich the wine's distinct profile and complexity.

Three Parallel Rivers

Surrounded by 5000-7000m peaks, the Ao Yun vineyards peaks, the Mekong, the central river of the Three Parallel Rivers, a UNESCO-protected area. This unique environment naturally shields them from heavy rains or monsoons.

A unique combination of altitude, climate and soil

The villages are 2200-2600 metres above sea level, which lowers temperature, thereby also slowing ripening. Such high altitude exposes the grapes to stronger UV rays, which thicken their skin, resulting in more complex and silky tannins.

Nights are cool, while the days are not too warm, and the mountains block the sunlight to the valley, thereby lengthening the ripening period. These conditions correlate with freshness in the wine and improved ageing potential.

In addition to being very diverse, Ao Yun’s soil is uncompacted. Since Ao Yun’s steepness makes the use of tractors impossible, roots can grow deeper – up to 3m deep and deeper roots enable more complex wines.

Four Unique Villages

  • 2,200m - Xidang

    Its comparatively lower elevation and south-westerly exposure on the right bank of the Mekong make Xidang's vineyards the warmest. It has the sandiest soil texture. Xidang’s wines are elegant and approachable.
  • 2,300m - Sinong

    With a north-easterly exposure and slightly higher altitude, Sinong is the second warmest vineyard, with a less sandy soil texture. Sinong’s wines are structured, powerful and austere at young age.
  • 2,500m - Shuori

    The second coolest village, Shuori, sits at 2,500m on the left bank of the Mekong with a westerly exposure. With cooler temperatures and a sandy clay soil texture, this vineyard gives rounded and harmonious wines.
  • 2,600m - Adong

    The highest and coolest village with a north-westerly exposure, Adong sits on the left bank of the Mekong. Its soils have the highest clay content of the terroir. At 2,600m altitude, Adong’s wines are concentrated and powerful with distinct freshness.